Skiin - CoolMini Campaign


Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge needed to make the a hard topic for some woman approachable. We've all heard the term before, "Turkey Neck". It's not the most endearing description, but for many woman it is what they see in the mirror.

Skiin is one of the first spas in the Milwaukee area to obtain the CoolMini. The CoolMini allows them to treat the neck and chin area. They wanted to capture the dramatic results in an advertising campaign but also raise the issue of the "Turkey Neck" in an approachable way. Dot Ten worked with Skiin to develop a multi tiered campaign that was cohesive, friendly, and even a little fun. By creating the character of the turkey and placing it in an ornate mirror, the unpleasant topic becomes less serious. The results are clearly shown and the type is bold and clear. The Turkey Neck campaign launched in 3 parts... a direct mail campaign, a billboard in Mayfair Mall, and a full page ad in THINKlocal Magazine.


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