Dot Ten Creative is a small group of individuals who think BIG. We put every client on the same level of care and deliver them the best marketing and design solutions for their budgets and unique needs. Our clients meet with us for an initial needs analysis meeting because we don't just want to do one project and get a check, we want to form lasting partnerships that benefit the client as well as us. If our clients grow, we grow as well. Viewing the relationship in this light allows us to work on a case by case basis and develop solutions that fit a wide array of industries and business sizes.

Dot Ten Creative has worked with industries across the board; small retail stores, restaurants, non=profits, landscaping providers, politicians, print shops, web companies, beauty consultants, hair dressers, and the list goes on. We love the variety of clients that we get to work with. Everyday is a challenge and an exciting opportunity. We jump from logos to billboards, brochures to websites, mobile sites to flyers, advertisements to tradeshow graphics and we LOVE it. Our passion shows, through customer service and hard to ignore results.


The Opportunity to Tell a Story and Say "Hello" in Seconds


Every interaction communicates something about your business. A unified brand has a consistent message. Keeping the topic on conversation where you want it, means giving people something to talk about. Every business uses some sort of branding, but how they use it is what matters. Consistency is key, we help you stay on target.


The cornerstone of the brand. The first step in establishing a clear message for your business or service.



Your logo needs a supporting cast to complete the production. Brand essentials are the members of your marketing material family that inform people about you business of service. Not all businesses need the same thing. We work with you to develop a needs analysis and what items might be the BEST solution for YOU. 

Brand essentials: business cards, stationary, letterhead, envelopes, "thank you" cards, notepads, mugs, pens, apparel, stickers, invoice sheets, name tags, magnets, stamps, appointment cards, and more.


The Power of Print


Based on your businesses needs, we provide the visuals and content to keep people engaged. Dot Ten Creative works with high quality print shops that provide new and exciting ways to execute print production and deliver ideas. Whether you are in need of informational or promotional print, we can execute an idea all the way from conception to completion.

Print Design: brochures, folders, flyers, annual reports, sales sheets, handouts, leave behinds, postcards, coupons, tradeshow graphics, giveaway campaigns, merchandise and swag, vehicle graphics, membership cards, posters, wall graphics, floor graphics, window graphics, signs, and more.



High impact print connects your brand to your consumers and keeps an eye on their preferences.


Promotional Print

High visibility graphics tell a story. We know how to use these attention grabbing items to create recognition for your brand.


Print puts you front and center. We give you print that works; from concept to completion. Dot Ten Creative finds the outlets that will best deliver your message. Plus, we have our own advertising publication, THINKlocal that offers the BEST in local advertising.


Competitive prices, superior quality, and smart approach. Whether it's direct mail, Every Door Direct, or a courier service - drop a campaign with confidence.


The First Place a Customer Looks to Find Your Business


Our digital services drive traffic that engages, informs, and utilizes. Dot Ten Creative understands that every clients needs are different. Depending on your timeframe, budget, and the functionality you are looking for; we can find the best solution possible for your web presence. Whatever your needs, we build a digital road map that gets you where you want to go.

Digital Services include: web design, web development, search engine optimization (seo), responsive design, mobile design, email marketing, blogs, easy to update sites, custom html, cms built sites, Wordpress and theme utilization, hosting, pay per click, link building, marketing consulting, content creation, e-commerce, donation capabilities, social media integration, social media channel creation, social media campaigns, crm and contact management, photography, custom icons, banners and posts, video, app development, location based marketing, and more. 

WEB design & development

Every business does digital marketing to some extent. Whether it's getting your first website up or making sure that you are on the right social media channels, it is crucial to have web presence. Growing your business means doing it better, we can help.



Give customers experiences with your brand that are strategic, powerful, and memorable. Dot Ten Creative can shot on or off location to provide you with professional and polished visual aids. Whether you are in need of company head shots or images for your website, contact us for solutions.